Trampoline parks offer a thrilling playground for jumpers of all ages, but ensuring safety remains paramount. Age restrictions are in place to minimize the risk of injuries and create a safe environment for visitors to enjoy. Understanding these restrictions is essential for both parents and jumpers to ensure a fun and injury-free experience at the trampoline park.

Toddler time:

Many trampoline parks offer designated “Toddler Time” sessions specifically tailored for younger children, typically ages 5 and under. During these sessions, the trampoline park may impose age restrictions to ensure the safety of toddlers and prevent collisions with older jumpers. Toddler time sessions often feature age-appropriate activities, such as foam pit play, soft play areas, and supervised jumping sessions with dedicated staff to assist and supervise young children.

General admission:

For regular jump sessions, trampoline parks typically impose age restrictions to ensure the safety of all participants. While age restrictions may vary depending on the park’s policies, children as young as 3 or 4 years old are often allowed to jump under the supervision of a parent or guardian. However, children under a certain age, usually around 6 or 7 years old, may be required to jump in designated areas or participate in age-specific sessions to minimize the risk of accidents or collisions with older jumpers.

Teen and adult sessions:

Trampoline parks may also offer dedicated jump sessions for teenagers and adults, typically ages 13 and older. These sessions provide older participants with the opportunity to enjoy the trampoline park without younger children present, allowing for more freedom and space to perform tricks and maneuvers safely. Age restrictions for teen and adult sessions ensure that participants are physically capable of handling the challenges of trampoline jumping and adhere to safety guidelines and rules.

Party packages:

For birthday parties and group events held at trampoline parks, age restrictions may vary depending on the package and activities included. While some packages may cater to younger children with age-appropriate activities and supervised play areas, others may be geared towards older participants with access to more advanced attractions and challenges. Trampoline parks often provide party hosts or staff to oversee activities and ensure the safety of all participants, regardless of age.