Tattoos - What Is The Blue Gel They Put On Tattoos?

The blue gel is a common choice for tattooing, microblading, and permanent makeup procedures. It can be applied to undamaged skin, as well as to damaged skin. However, it is important to use it with the right precautions. Only licensed professionals should use it. Tattoo artists use various types of numbing agents, and one of these is a blue gel known as lidocaine blue gel. Here, we will talk about different types of blue gels for tattoos.

Sustaine blue gel:

Sustaineblue gel for tattoos is a powerful analgesic for tattoos and other skin-sensitive procedures. Its combination of 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, and 0.002% adrenaline makes it suitable for people of all skin types. It is also an excellent hemostatic agent and helps prevent hematomas.

Lidocaine blue gel:

Lidocaine blue gel is an anesthetic that reduces swelling and pain during tattooing procedures. This gel is 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine, which are vascular constrictors that work to reduce swelling. It is a safe anesthetic and can be used for all broken skin procedures, including tattooing. However, it should only be used on skin that has been broken. After applying the blue gelto the tattoo area, the area should be covered with an occlusive dressing, and the tattooing procedure should be performed.

It is important to note that lidocaine blue gelis not recommended for people with known allergies. Patients should consult a physician before using it on their skin for a better result. Besides, they should not use it on raw surfaces or blistered skin. Furthermore, people with known sensitivity to this product should not apply it to burned areas or be exposed to heat or injury.

Vasocaine spray:

The Vasocaine spray is a fast-acting, topical solution containing 5% Lidocaine and Epinephrine, an anesthetic constricting blood vessels. It is also formulated with purified water and other inactive ingredients to maximize the spray’s absorption. It numbs the skin within 90 seconds and lasts approximately two hours. 

HUSH gel:

You should use a pain reliever like Hush blue gelwhen getting a tattoo. This gel is specially formulated for tattoos. It numbs the skin, prevents discomfort, and is parabens and epinephrine free. It can be applied before the first skin puncture or during the tattoo.

There are many types of numbing tattoo creams available. Choosing a brand with the features you’re looking for is important. You should also look at the price and durability. A high-quality product will last longer and require less maintenance.